BERLIN – 25 Years of Fall of the Wall

It’s been a while that my blog was taking a break but today is a good day to start again! The berliner that I am now just celebrated to 25 years of the fall of the Berlin wall. After spending the last years living in Lithuania, Poland and now Germany, I learned that Memory was an endless topic to work on with people, helped by digital tools to bring back memory and share widely.

You can’t imagine how the wall and the past can be present everywhere is this city trying to break all the barriers and create a new word. There is no limit in Berlin, except the biggest one, the past.
Today is a big day, good for some, bad for others, but everyone will see the 8000 lights balloons creating a new wall in Berlin during this week-end.
I won’t talk here about an amazing innovative project, just about people wanted to share their stories and be part of History by living something all together.

For that, the City of Berlin and Kulturprojekte launched this event enlightening all Berlin with 8000 balloons on the former line of the wall, but also this online gallery gathering memories of well-known and unknown people.

Emotions are gathering here people with simplicity.

LICHTGRENZE from Fall of the Wall 25 on Vimeo.

All of you are highly welcome to participate: #fallofthewall25 #fotw25 from Fall of the Wall 25 on Vimeo.


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