28 Avr '07

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Les podcast de la Tate

SEMAINE TATE On avait déjà  parlé sur Buzzeum de la TateShots qui est la newsletter en podcast vidéo de la Tate sponsorisée par Bloomberg. Mais Tate Online a mis en place de nombreux autres podcast !

Tate Etc. permet aux … Read More

27 Avr '07

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Tate Tracks

SEMAINE TATE Lancé en septembre dernier et censé s’achever le 30 avril prochain, la Tate Online a mis en place Tate Tracks. Désirant allier des grands noms de la musique avec un musée jeune et dynamique, la Tate a fait … Read More

26 Avr '07

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Tate Tales

English version Interactivity, proximity and sharing are all words that well describe the Tate online website! This time around, Tate Online has developed a super interesting tool for the little ones: Tate Tales.

Tate Tales is immersed the … Read More

30 Mar '07

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TateShots by Tate

English version Tate Online is a constant source of happiness for me. It uses most of the trendy internet tools and Tate do not hesitate to show off to communicate more, reach their target even better and generate … Read More

01 Mar '07

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SFMOMA and their podcasts

English version

As far as communication goes, SFMOMA is one of the most forward-thinking museums out there, a status made possible by fostering new technologies and media.

For example, it was one of the first museums to use podcasts … Read More