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Quand le MoMA demande l’avis des internautes sur son nouveau site

Il y a quelques temps le MoMA a lancé son nouveau site internet, site qui fut l’objet de nombreuses discussions et de teasers.
Centré sur la mise en valeur de son actualité à  travers les visuels, le site est aussi tourné vers le collaboratif et l’ouverture vers les communautés et le multimédia. Il est donc logique que le MoMA demande l’avis de ses amis virtuels sur Facebook quant à  ce nouveau site !
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Une petite sélection :

  • Alan Griff at 5:10pm March 11 : I visited the website this morning and promptly got lost. Kinda like being in the museum.
  • Wojtek Michalski at 10:43pm March 11 : Well, one of the worsest redesigns I ever saw. It’s not the way MoMa Website should be. iFrames integration is f….d up. God, please save MoMa’s interner presence!!!
  • Marcella Bergamini at 9:01pm March 12 : Very slow downloading, pictures are very nice but the website is not easy to visit.
  • Artour Parmakian at 6:38pm March 15 :Love new layout and Web2.0 thinking in the navigation, enjoyed the experience of discovering the new way to interact with
  • Anne Marie Shriver at 5:02pm March 18 : Love the website redesign. As cool and forward thinking as you would expect from MoMA.All the visitor interactivity and collection access is fantastic. GREAT job.
  • Patricia Bellucci at 12:38am March 22 : NG! I don’t care how « stylish » it looks if I cannot find what I am looking for, or if I have to drill down excessively to find something basic. It seems that design won over information architecture, which is a HUGE mistake. Blame the project manager, who likely was overpaid considering the poor result.

  • Et vous ? Qu’en pensez-vous de ce nouveau site internet du MoMA ??